Tillman’s Roadhouse

I haven’t quite put my finger on why exactly, but Tillman’s Roadhouse in the Bishops Arts District is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, bar none.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I want to live there because the decor is so fantastic (especially the secret back room that makes me want to be a garden nymph) or maybe it’s the idea that I can eat s’mores and not have to clean it up any day of the year I want.

Today I ventured out of my 4 block comfort zone of Uptown and headed over to Tillman’s for brunch.  Now, if it was up to my mother we would have all worn bullet proof vests and driven in an armored caravan to ‘da big Oak CLIFF but, alas, that was too much effort for a Sunday of 175 degree weather.

Unfortunately, today was probably my least favorite visit (they were totally trying to throw the challenge of my review) but here is my little diddy of pro’s and con’s for you to ponder over.


  • The bar is insane.  I honestly think it’s the best looking bar in the area.  It is just so different and it’s a rarity to see such craftsmanship that really ties in the whole ruggid theme.  If this is what a roadhouse looks like, sign me the fuck up! By the way, what is a roadhouse even?
  • Mis amigos, um..I mean my servers are always muy amigable.
  • Instead of serving bread for the table, they serve truffle oil bomb.com (ya, I just said bomb.com) popcorn as well as dry roasted peanuts.  The popcorn, well, probably the truffle oil is so delicious I want to spread it all over Channing Tatum’s body!
  • They have recently changed their brunch menu.
  • “87 ways” is the most delicious concoction of spirits these lips have ever tasted and the fact that there is practically tree of lavender in the drink is a botanists wet dream.
  • Menu Highlights: Cornmeal dusted fried pickles, mini monkey bread, chicken fried steak, goat cheese tater tots, grilled salmon, smoked ribs, mac and cheese (make sure you are wearing your Depends for this one) and tableside smores (minus the disgusting orange marshmallow-barf).


  • Menu Lowlights: Chef salad, trio of fries, egg sandwich, breakfast tacos, orange flavor marshmallow, mimosas aka orange juice in a champagne glass and blood orange margaritas (womp, womp, womp).
  • They just changed their brunch menu.
  • Unless you have a table along the wall or in the special garden nymph room, forget it.  The seating is really awkward because the tables are huge and you have to practically yell at your table mates to have a conversation.
  • Sunday brunch includes $2 mimosas (see con #1), $5 bloody mary’s and $5 Vampire’s.  Now, we all know that THAT isnt the con. The con is that the mimosa is shit and if you ask for your bloody mary with gin they charge you “full price.”  Huh?  Isn’t shitty liquor shitty liquor regardless of being made a-la-pine or a-la-potato? Charging full price (although re-re) wouldn’t have been a big deal if the bartender hadn’t still put it in a sippy size cup.  Bloody mary shots! Full price! Everyone come and get it!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Tillman’s Roadhouse before then I highly, highly suggest it.  If you don’t love everything, there IS at least one thing that will make you scream “Oh Mah GAWD!” and that’s the table side s’mores. They are the shit. Crunchy graham crackers, chunks of chocolate all laced up with either orange, maple or coffee flavored marshmallows that are made in house.  Really, don’t miss them.  I don’t care if you have to go to the bathroom and yack up that $20 dinner you just had, do it anyway.

Peace, Love, Calories.


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