Refreshing Summer Menu Items from Pei Wei

PW1A few weeks back I was contacted about the new menu items that were hitting Pei Wei’s nationwide.  A sucker for all things Pei Wei when I’m not in the mood to cook, I was stoked when their PR company offered to let me try some of the new items.  You all know I don’t bullshit, these things are GOOD!

Several varieties of the beloved lettuce wraps will be available until the end of August, including Thai Chicken, Korean Steak and Hunan Vegetable.  One night when the last thing I wanted to do was cook, I swung over to my neighborhood Pei Wei and ordered the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps to try.  Full of traditional herbs and spices, these sure had a kick but not in an overpowering way.  To be honest, its one of the more traditionally spiced Thai flavors I’ve been able to find in town.

PW3On top of the various lettuce wraps, you can find a few additions to their side items as well.  Ginger Orange Edamame and Szechuan Green Beans are now available and although I’m not a ginger fan so the edamame wasn’t included in my order, the green beans were.  ERMIGAWD.  They were so good, I didn’t even have a chance to take a picture.  The perfect amount of kick and crunch, these are the perfect snack to munch on while watching reality TV, wait, who does that? Not me.

Anyway, be sure to check out the new menu items at Pei Wei and don’t forget to include an order of honey seared shrimp with fried rice for me!


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