Dugg Burger

For many years now, the East Dallas dining scene has been fairly bare with the occasional exciting restaurant opening but as this great area of town continues to grow, so does the desire for new spots.  Enter Dugg Burger!

IMG_1966My Dugg Burger

Dugg Burger is a fast casual concept that offers a family friendly environment that is delicious enough for kids and adults alike to enjoy.  Dugg gets it’s name because they literally dig the inside of the top bun out so you can enjoy all your toppings in a sort of nest of goodness.  You go down the line and build your own burger so it is customized exactly to your liking.

IMG_1965Topping Options

What do they do with all of those bun insides you ask? They use it to make their super secret family recipe for bread pudding and for not being a huge bread pudding person, I’ll admit, it was damn good.


Come solo or with the whole fam, either way, come HUNGRY! The food is finger lickin’ good and they have a decent selection of locally brewed beers to wash your burger down with.



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