Imagine you are going to a cookout in someone’s backyard, but instead of the typical hot dog, hamburger, and potato chips, you are seeing herb crusted prime rib, spiced lamb sirloin, and smoked tomahawk pork chop on the grill.  Now imagine an award-winning chef behind the grill instead of Uncle Rick…Welcome to Jasper’s in Plano.

Jasper’s is a nice twist on the typical American steakhouse. The prices are just right, the side dishes and appetizers are plenty and varied in a way to make everything interesting.

On a recent weekend, I popped into Jasper’s to revisit it and make sure it was still the cream of the crop. Spoiler alert: it is!

I began with Claire’s Hummus and Comanche Buffalo Meatballs.  The hummus was delectable. It is served with warmed pita and garnished with dried tomato, fresh tomato, olives, and feta.  I took the edge of my knife and scraped the plate clean..true story. Ain’t no shame in my game!

The Comanche Buffalo Meatballs were a 10, quite possibly the best dish on the menu, and it is just a starter.  The meatballs are tender and packed with intense flavor.  There is a barbecue-style sauce drizzled over them and sprinkled with cotija cheese.  If anything, at least visit Jasper’s for a drink and some meatballs. We won’t judge.

For the main dish, I got one of the specials that was being offered on this particular evening;  The Steak and Cake.  It was a generous portion of a filet, on top of a bed of mashed potatoes served with a side of crab cakes.  The crab cakes are served on top a bright green tomatillo-poblano cream and topped with a jicama slaw.  This dish rivals any similar dish found in any fancy Dallas steakhouse, but probably $10-20 cheaper.

I ended the night with a strawberry tartlet.  A piping hot skillet with a mixture of cake, crumble, and strawberry reduction.  The strawberry packs a punch and adds a nice tang to the sweetness of the cake.

Directly off the toll road in Plano, deviate from your typical steakhouse and give Jasper’s in Plano a try. We can whole-heartedly recommend visiting Jasper’s, whether it’s your first, or twentieth, time!


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